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So, folks... what can we do to perk this place back up?

Yes, yes, totally. I'm ready. If you start something I have a suitable character for, I'm in. Also, I could start the campaign I already outlined, but I'm not sure if it makes sense with nobody signed up.

I have something I could possibly run, or I can take a look at yours to see if I NOW have a suitable character; I didn't want to put Mari in because she'd probably have broken it.

errrm whats this idea then

Don't worry about breaking anything, please. It's not as if I had that much of a plan. It's just a collection of ideas and two possible endings, I intended to wing it and go with the flow anyway. I don't have significant experience as a GM, so if things go wrong, don't feel bad about it, as it's probably my fault. But, we could stir up this place, and maybe even still have fun. I, as a player, will not react badly to any nonsense. My characters might, but that's all IC. :)

I'm open to suggestions if anybody would be willing to play with me, on request I'll be extra nice or extra challenging towards your characters.

So, well, if anybody bites, I'll change the "Nightmare Falls" campaign to open and make a first post. But I feel silly doing so without any sign of interest.

Or, if you want someone to join your campaign, just ask. I might even make up a character if needed.

I say she'd break it because what else is a strong, curious gal going to do when she's full of inquisitive spirit and a healthy dose of "it's not like it can really kill me now is it?" going on. 


As for my own, I'm still thinking of running a survival/challenge game. I've been re-reading Last Res0rt, and I remember running one similar way back on the Dream once upon a time. It's got me going again.