Honu Beach Party


The Honu are hosting a beach party!  Step through one of the brightly decorated portals to a world of bright sun and white sand beaches!  Bask in the summer sun or take a swim in the warm tropical sea, or grab a fruity tropical drink at the beach bar, or a skewer of traditional Honu slow-roast pork.  Everything's on the house!

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Eve giggled. This girl certainly loved the idea of barbecue! Not that this was a bad thing since she
loved barbecue herself. "My, you're certainly full of energy. Did you eat a bag of candy before getting
here?" It was meant just as a friendly joke.

"Nope! I'm just a perky person. Got to live life in the moment, just enjoy things."

There is a small line/gaggle near the roasting stands, so Mari hauls her into line. "Hmm... should we split up, send you for drinks?"

Eve inspected the line near the roasting stands carefully, computing what would be the
best option to take. It did look like they would be waiting a nice while so it was best to 
make their wait a productive one,"Yeah, sure. I'll get the drinks, and you hold our place
in line. What drink you want?"

"Well, no clue what the drinking age is around here, so I'll take a soda of some sort. I like cherry, or orange."

She lifts her arms to start pulling her own hair back and up into a tail again.

"No sense in getting booted off a beach like this just to have a fruity little something, ya know?"

Marianas and Eve

The wonderful smell is coming from a huge pit in the sand, surrounded by tables full of happy people chowing down.  The biggest Honu either of them has seen - nearly six feet tall and massively fat - is overseeing the barbecue.  He's mostly occupied with the task of removing leaf-wrapped lumps of finished meat from the smoking pit, and replacing them with freshly prepared meat.

Serving seems to be buffet-style, all-you-can-eat.  The centerpiece of the meal is the massive platter of shredded pulled-pork, but there's also a platter of delicious-looking roasted wraps (pork wrapped in a broad leaf, then baked in the big pit-oven) and a variety of fresh fruits and exotic vegetables.  There is also potato salad, widely regarded by the Honu as the best result of their contact with the City.


This being the first portal that Metal Rail had consciously gone through…. His feathers were ruffled as he looked at the portal that he just came through, wings out and flapping to study him, kicking up dust and sand. Ones steady he shook his head and blinked at the new clean sunlight. He could feel relief fill him as he saw the open sky. The buildings in the city were just obstacles that he wasn’t accustomed to in his flying.  This open sky was a welcome relief.

Finally noticing the Honu that were there he tightened himself up, bringing his wings tightly against himself. He must’ve looked like an upside down flapping chicken on his arrival. Metal Rail started to notice how troublesome his large wings could be when around smaller individuals/creatures, he hoped he hadn’t hit anyone accidentally.  

“Hello.” He said bowing his head. Remembering the flyer he ripped it from his sharp talent with his beak and gave it to the Honu, it was mostly shredded. “This is said to belong here?” He asked unsure, adding, “That is what I was told.”  Metal Rail knew nothing about reading, writing, or money, and the Honu that was kind enough to try to explain it all did their best but Metal Rail clearly did not understand.

Eve giggled and headed over to where the drinks were being served. She wasn't a big drinker herself
so she got herself a root beer and for Marian, an orange soda. With the drinks picked out, she headed
back over, trying to ignore the looks she was getting from some individuals.

While Eve is off fetching them some tasty chilled beverages, Mari patiently waits in the gaggle at the buffet. She snags two plates, quickly loading up one with two of the delicious smelling leaf wrapped bundles of pork goodness, some of the sweeter smelling fruits, and a heaping pile of potato salad. Mmm, one of the best comfort foods in the world. Might even beat chocolate

She throws a guilty look over her shoulder, as if expecting someone to have heard her thoughts, or worse her Mom to have heard her thoughts through whatever magical juju had put her here, but then rolls her shoulders to shake off the thought. 

Then comes the task of snagging food for Eve, and after a little mental dithering (and a Look used to quell a grumble from another guest behind her, she isn't taking that long dangit) she just slides a smattering of everything onto the girl's plate. Small portions, but a wide variety. And extra potato salad, because if she doesn't like it well then they probably can't really be friends any more... Who doesn't like potato salad?!

Eve grabbed the drinks and headed back to where Mari was waiting,"Hey there. Got your drink for ya." She held out the tall mug of creamy, cool orange soda. 

((I don't think anyone will mind if I borrow Merrijack back for a bit.  And he can be in two places at once, why not?))


Metal Rail

There's one Honu on his back in the sand, looking a bit stunned, but he'll probably be okay.

A small group of Honu are openly staring at Metal Rail, wide-eyed and wonder-filled.  "Biiiiig bird!" one of them says, and several start jumping up and down in excitement.  "Big bird!  Big bird!  Big bird!"  Apparently they've never seen anything quite like Metal Rail.


One of the Honu, a brightly coloured young man, steps forward proudly, accepting the shredded flyer from Metal Rail.  "Welcome to Honu!" he says with a big grin.  "I am Merrijack.  You may call me Merri if you wish.  Or Jack if you prefer.  You are most welcome here, Giant Bird."

Looking at the Honu, around him jumping up and down, Metal Rail is confused and stunned at the excited reception he received. “I’m called Metal Rail….” He said absentmindedly trying to figure out if this was a customary way of greeting new individuals here and if he should do the same. The Honu that he knocked over was being helped up and seem to him all right; he did feel a bit bad about it though. Metal Rail seemed to snap to his senses and looked at Merrijack, trying to figure out what to say. Tentatively he asked slowly, “Should I not call you what you prefer?” He ruffled his feathers and snapped his bill, harmless sparks created. He then preen at a few on his wing feathers, a nervous gesture that would seem haughty to most. Once satisfied and calm he looked at Merrijack again. “May I fly your skies and hunt in your territory?” He asked properly. Seeming to remember he added quickly, “If you have bucks or ducks I will gather and return them as tribute…” He said unsure, “I do not know any use of the bills you may have for them and the money I don’t know how to find, But the Honu there,” he pointed towards the portal, “Seem to make it sound important like the flyer leaf.” He gestured to the ripped flyer that he had given to Merrijack.

Metal Rail

Merrijack seems to consider this for a moment, then nods, solemnly but happily.  "Friend Metal Rail, I think the spirits would be most pleased for you to hunt their lands, and your tribute would be much appreciated.  We will happily barbecue any meat you bring back!"  He grins, and turns to gesture in a certain direction.  "You may freely hunt any land between that mountain and the coast, and on any island you find in that direction.  We ask only that you be courteous of any other hunters you encounter... And of course that you refrain from hunting anything that can talk."