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The Lorebook is a depository of information about the default campaign setting, the City and the Multiverse of Phantagraphia.  Every player is free to add to and edit Lore as they wish.  Nothing in the Lorebook is required reading, though familiarity with a few items might enrich your roleplaying experience.

Phantagraphia is a quick overview of the multiverse itself.  What it means to have multiple worlds to explore, and how to reach them through portals.

The City is an overview of Phantagraphia's default setting, a mysterious and ancient City with portals to all corners of the multiverse.

Factions reviews some of the political/ideological groups that struggle for dominance in the City.

Worlds includes a list of player-created worlds, individual settings your characters can visit and adventure in.

The Index is helpful if you know what you're looking for, or just want to browse.


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The City

The Tower - The Vagabond - History

Aqueducts - Cantons


Cartographer's Society - Wardens - The Crown - PRD

Order of the Golden Bough


Everfield - Drachensturm

Warfield - Honu


A shared RP universe generates a huge amount of shared information.  Locations, organizations, and even NPCs that are shared among and used freely by many players.  This Lorebook is a place to organize this information alongside the basic setting details, so that it can be viewed and reviewed by anyone, and help to spread these shared pieces of lore among players old and new.

Any player can freely add to or edit the Lorebook, so long as they respect the contributions of other players.  Every time a new tag is created in the IC forums, it creates a new entry in the Lorebook, along with links to all the places the tag appears.


Lore is typically written as IC (In Character) information.  These are usually things the characters and NPCs (or at least some of them) within the setting might know, presented the way they know it.  Text contained in a box like this is OOC (Out of Character) and will usually include suggestions and advice for GMs and Players, or details about permissions to use a Lore subject, claim membership in a Faction, etc.

OOC formatting like this can be set using the "Styles" box on the left hand side of the toolbar when editing a Lore entry.


All Lorebook entries are labelled with a Permissions status.  These permissions determine who can use the information from the Lore entry, and how.

Available for Public Use

Entries labelled as Available for Public Use are free for anyone to use.  By labelling an entry as such, you are relinquishing direct control of that Lore entry.  Public places, open factions, and NPCs or artifacts available to any player at any time should all be labelled Available for Public Use.  This category also covers most "general" tags, like "steampunk" or "science fiction."

Any player may edit these entries freely, but please remember these entries are community resources, and must be shared and respected.  Drastic changes to an Available for Public Use entry - such as the destruction of a public place or death of a shared NPC - should be undertaken only with the consensus of the Phantagraphia community.

The following license applies to all Lorebook entries labelled Available for Public Use:

The Author(s) hereby grants registered users of Phantagraphia and related sites ("Users") a royalty-free, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive, irrevocable license to produce Adapted Material based on the Lorebook Entry on Phantagraphia and related web pages, including the creation of new Revisions of the Lorebook Entry. All subsequent revisions of the Lorebook Entry must also be provided under this licence.

This license, obviously, only applies within the Phantagraphia website.  You may not take someone else's Public Use Lore entry to use elsewhere without permission.


Available for Use with Permission

Lore entries with this label may only be used within specified guidelines.  If details are not specified in the entry itself, please talk to the creator for further information or permission.  Entries with this label will usually include character-owned businesses and venues, player-created worlds, and other things a creator wishes to be available to the community but to remain under their own control.

Edits to a Use with Permission entry should only be made by players with the express permission of the original creator.


Not Available for Use

Lore entries with this label are not intended to be used by anyone but the original creator.  These entries usually include content similar to what would be found in specific profiles or campaign pages, but which are used frequently and broadly enough that a Lore entry becomes appropriate.  Entries might also include tags unique to a long-running series of campaigns under a single GM.

Creators of Not Available for Use Lore can of course authorize other individual players to use the content, and set whatever conditions they feel are appropriate (this is what you do every time you start a campaign, after all).  Authorizing other players on an individual basis does not change the status of the Lore, and other players should continue to treat the Lore as Not Available even if more than one player is using it.

Any edits to these Lore entries made by players not authorized by the original creator will be reverted (excluding spelling/grammar/formatting fixes).  Frequent, intentional changes to Not Available entries by unauthorized players will be considered harassment subject to disciplinary action.