Cartographer's Society

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To dare the unknown!  To map and explore the many worlds of the Multiverse!  The Royal Society of Cartographers, Explorers, Adventurers, and Vagabonds - or as it is more commonly known, the Cartographer's Society - is a semi-formal group dedicated to exploration and adventure.


The Cartographer's Society organizes and funds expeditions, hosts a variety of informational and educational events throughout the year, and preserves a museum of artifacts gathered from across the Multiverse, along with charts, maps, and first-hand accounts of multiple worlds.

The Society is primarily a social networking club for explorers and adventurers, or just anyone who is interested in visiting alternate worlds.  The Society hosts lectures from explorers throughout the year, free of charge, where the public can go to hear about recent expeditions to the strange alternate worlds of the Multiverse.  These lectures can range from dry, scholarly affairs focused on specific fields of study, to rousing story-telling sessions with a charismatic narrator telling (sometimes dubious) tales of adventure.  The latter tend to be more popular with the public at large.

The Cartographer's Society sometimes funds expeditions to unexplored worlds, raising funds from the public and rich backers and putting it towards equipment and supplies for dangerous journeys.  Often the Society will post bounties and prizes, offering money and fame to anyone, member or not, willing to take on a strange new world and return to tell about it.

The Society is always kind to newcomers to the City, always willing to put up a confused traveler for a while in exchange for information about her home world.  The Society operates mostly on donations and the contributions of a few reliable wealthy benefactors, including the Royal Family.  While somewhat given to bombast and showmanship, the Society is generally respected and liked in the City, and contributes a great deal to the study of Phantagraphia and alternate worlds.


There are no membership requirements for the Cartographer's Society.  Anyone with a love of adventure and exploration is free to join.  Official membership in the Society requires paying small annual dues, for which the member receives a monthly news letter and a formal mailed invitation to all Society events.  Most Society events are open to the public free of charge, however, and most people consider official membership to be optional.  Philosophically, the Society considers anyone who has ever stepped through a portal (intentionally or not) to be a member in spirit.

Leader: Committee

Leadership of the Cartographer's Society is invested in a twelve-member committee.  Every year, every dues paying member of the Society is entitled to vote in elections.  Four committee members are selected every year, and serve three-year terms before their seat goes up for election again.  Being on the leadership committee grants maximum prestige within the Society, but has very little responsibility or actual power.  Regardless, among a certain kind of person, competition for committee seats is fierce.  The committee has final say on which projects the Society will fully fund and what events will be hosted throughout the year.

Headquarters: Vagabond Hall

The Cartographer's Society owns and maintains the Vagabond, a sizeable clubhouse where the Society hosts various talks and presentations throughout the year.  The Vagabond is open to the public year round, operating as a bar and lounge when not being used for lectures, and keeping a rotating display of artifacts and objects from around the Multiverse.

The upper floors of Vagabond Hall contain the offices of the leadership committee, but some of these offices are hardly used at all.  The Hall's sizeable basement is mostly used for artifact storage, and would turn many museum curators green with envy.


The sign of the Cartographer's Society is a compass rose.  While the Society has no uniforms or badges, proud members sometimes fashion jewellery with the compass motif to wear to meetings and gatherings.

The Cartographer's Society is intended to be a tool for players, an excuse for any character to go off and adventure on other worlds, as part of a funded expedition or seeking out a Society reward, or simply because something the Society was advertising sounded interesting.  No permissions are needed to have a character join the Society, and in fact many characters will already be assumed to have the affiliation.