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The Crown strives to impose some form of order and organizational continuity on the City, and works to ensure the continued well-being of the City and its residents.  The Crown faction is the closest thing the City has to a proper government, and its members work hard to keep the City functioning as a city and maintaining trade and diplomatic relationships with other worlds.


The Crown faction is the closest thing the City has to a true government, taking care of the administrative duties and diplomatic functions that allow the City to operate as a (relatively) organized entity rather than a complete anarchy.  It allows the City to present a united front to other worlds and governments, and provides a "neutral" authority other factions can appeal to for resolution of conflicts.  Multiple administrative offices handle everything from birth records and property ownership to trade deals and inter-universe diplomacy.

The Crown is not as far-reaching and exclusively powerful as most modern governments, but it provides the City with a sense of stability and continuity, and the Crown's hard work is sometimes the only thing preventing the City's factions from engaging in open warfare with each other.

The Crown maintains power through a complex series of alliances and diplomatic relations with other factions, as well as the considerable wisdom and powers of its current leaders.  The Crown could survive one or two powerful factions defecting, but would not survive long if it lost all support.  Maintaining the balance of power between other factions, and thus its use as a neutral arbitrator, is a vital task for the Crown.

The Crown collects modest taxes from several of the larger factions and most businesses in the City, as well as taking a significant cut of any tarrifs on trade deals with other worlds, but lacks the capacity to regularly collect personal income tax or taxes on individual sales of goods.


The Crown faction is made up of administrators, diplomats, and all kinds of strategists and politicians, supported by a large bureaucracy of civil servants.  Members and employees of the Crown are recruited directly by senior members, and membership and advancement are based, at least in theory, on merit and seniority.  Members of the faction are expected to commit themselves full-time to the Crown, and recieve a healthy salary in return for their services.  Membership in other factions is allowed unless there is a demonstrable conflict of interest, or if the other faction is considered an enemy of the Crown (such as Rosa Nero).  Members are expected to take an oath of loyalty to the Royal Family of Tahoma, but this requirement can be waived in some cases.

Leader: Queen Leandra Tahoma

The official leader of the Crown is Leandra Tahoma, Queen of the City.  She is a wise and graceful jaguar woman of middle-age, known to be a powerful sorceress.  Leandra inherited the title of monarch from her father about twenty years ago, and has been relatively popular throughout her reign.

The Royal Family

Lore: Royal Family

The core of the Crown and an important source of the Crown's power and legitimacy, the Royal Family is distinct enough to be considered seperately as a sub-faction, and is covered in more detail here.

No special permissions are required to play a member of the Crown, but may be required to play actual members of the Royal Family.  See the Lore for Royal Family for details.

Headquarters: The Tower

Lore: The Tower

The Crown's high offices are all centralized in the Tower, the massive superstructure at the center of the City.  The Crown's offices occupy several floors, and cover everything from services open to the public near the ground floor to high-end strategizing and defence planning in the upper offices.  Higher still is the Royal Residence, where the Queen and her family live.

The Tower is both immediately recognizable and easily defended, and is rumoured to be the source of a powerful mystic power source.  It is commonly held that whoever controls the Tower controls the City, and it is a powerful symbol of the Crown's power and influence.


The Crown's seal is the crown of the Tahoma dynasty, set over a circle divided into six parts representing the City, inscribed in a stylized garland of flowers representing peace and prosperity.