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Everfield is a world of vast rolling plains, warm seasons, and fertile soil.  With no intelligent native lifeforms, and an affinity for low technology, Everfield is a rustic rural paradise, and provides much of the City's basic food needs.


Most of the known areas of Everfield have been developed into farmland.  Barns and grain silos dot a landscape of wide fields and orchards, growing a great variety of grains, vegetables, tubers and fruit.  Sprawling ranch lands provide plenty of room for all sorts of herd animals, and scrub forests shelter deer and other peaceful critters.  Everfield's climate is mild and pleasant, with a wet season and a dry season but no freezing winter, so crops grow year-round.  The farms are serviced by numerous small hamlets, but the only one of significant size or note is the village (also called Everfield).

The Village

Everfield Village is the largest settlement in the world of Everfield.  Everfield has no native intelligent life of its own, and the village is populated entirely with settlers from off-world.  Built around Everfield's portal to the City, Everfield Village is a vital hub of trade and transportation for the world.  The town is characterized by small, mostly wooden buildings, and has the only paved roads in Everfield.  The tallest buildings in town are wood-cribbed grain elevators.

Everfield Village has a population of only a few thousand, overseen by a democratically elected mayor and a council of elders.  An elected sheriff and a handful of deputies are responsible for law enforcement for the town and the entire settled area, mostly dealing with neighbourly land use disputes and the occassional off-world rustler.  The citizens of Everfield come in as much variety as the residents of the City, the only distinct pattern being that settlers in Everfield tend to be those that prefer a quiet, rustic life away from the distractions of modern technology.

The village is vital to Everfield's trade.  The world's economy is based on exporting food and produce to the City, and importing farm equipment and building materials.  Everfield doesn't have the forests or mineral resources to support itself alone for very long.

Everfield Express

The most dramatically advanced technology on Everfield is the steam engine, and a significant rail network has been built on the world for the transportation of goods and people.  Many hamlets across the valley have their own little train station, and in fact this may be the reason for the settlement's existence in many cases.  Everfield farmers ship their goods to their local hamlet, and from there freight trains carry them to the stockyards in Everfield Village to be shipped through the portal.

The Everfield Express is a mail and passenger train that makes daily runs across the settled areas of Everfield, carrying tourists and traders from town to town at speeds that can't otherwise be matched on the world.  Central Station, in Everfield Village, is one of the few stone-and-metal buildings on the world, and a must-see for any off-world visitor.

Low Technology

"Everfield has a liking for sweat"

-local proverb

The reality of Everfield resists technology beyond a certain point.  While mechanical power is abundant and remarkably efficient, chemical and electrical storage of energy by artificial means verges on impossible.  Computers and other electronics brought to Everfield simply stop working.  Batteries refuse to supply power and even mechanical generators fail to produce a charge.  The only real source of electricity on Everfield is the lightning from infrequent storms.

The most advanced mechanical technology on Everfield is the steam engine, which has proven vital to the world's transportation needs.  Otherwise, citizens of Everfield depend on horses and other beasts of burden for transport and labour.  There are no cars, airplanes, or spaceships on Everfield.  No television and no radio.  No electric lights.

Fortunately plumbing has been largely spared, and most citizens of Everfield do have access to flush toilets and septic tanks.  Even so, few homes are fully plumbed, and even the village's infrastructure is based on storing rain water and using wind-powered pumps to draw from the water table.  Medicine and similar technologies continue to work fine.

Magic works normally on Everfield in most cases, except when applied at industrial scales.  Magic can be used casually, for entertainment and utility purposes, and it's as easy to throw a fireball on Everfield as anywhere else.  But attempts to use magic to perform large scale farming, construction, or other labour-intensive tasks just fizzle out.

Due to these restrictions, the people of Everfield have to rely on old fashioned methods of farming and labour.  Fields are ploughed, tended, and harvested without the use of modern machinery.  Light is provided by candle or oil lamp, and communication is restricted to the mail service and couriers.  The train is the main way for people and goods to travel long distances, and many Everfield citizens may never leave their own hamlet and surrounding farms.

The one exception to these restrictions seem to be "willful" machines and constructs, such as sentient robots, cyborgs or intelligent golems.  These continue to operate normally in the world of Everfield, though some of their equipment (such as laser weapons or force fields) may not.  Everfield almost seems to recognize these beings as "people" and does them no harm.

Everfield's technology restriction is intended to force a certain aesthetic of rural rusticness on the world.  Characters that depend on high technology to live can freely visit Everfield, but technology such as cars and computers will not function there.  What works and what doesn't depends on the aesthetics of the world, not sensible debateable physics.  There's no realistic mechanical reason that a bolt-action rifle should work on Everfield when an AK-47 doesn't, but the aesthetic requirements of the world demand the exclusion of the more advanced gun.


The portal to Everfield is located in a wide free-standing archway in the Sun Canton, in the middle of an open plaza called the Everfield Market.  All day long, the plaza is occupied by a buzzing farmer's market, where Everfielders personally sell goods to the residents of the City.  The market extends to both sides of the portal, and a visit will often include crossing between the City and Everfield multiple times.  At night the plaza is crowded with trucks and transports, recieving bulk goods from the portal to be shipped to warehouses and groceries across the City.

The portal itself is constantly open, and Everfield is plainly visible without any distortion or obvious event horizon.  The portal arch is about thirty meters wide and nearly as tall.  It is very easy, especially in the crowded market, to cross through without realizing it, and more than one visitor to the market has only been able to figure out which side of the portal they are on by discovering that their watch or laptop has stopped working.  Fortunately, it is just as easy to cross back.