Mount Drachensturm

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Drachensturm is a mountainous world of eternal winter, beset by high winds and near-constant snowfall.  So when it was discovered, the world made a natural setting for a ski resort!

The settled area of Drachensturm consists of a small resort town nestled in a snowy valley beaneath mighty Mount Drachensturm.  It is always winter in this world, but often bright and sunny, and ski slopes have been built on many of the surrounding mountains.  Accomodations range from simple hostels to five-star resort hotels, and the slopes range from easy bunny trails to avalanche-prone triple-diamond deathtraps.

Beyond the valley and its immediate surroundings, Drachensturm's weather gets worse and worse, eventually grounding anyone who might try to fly through it.  As a result, much of the world remains unexplored.

Mount Drachensturm

The dominant feature and namesake of the world, Mount Drachensturm rises high above the valley, a massive edifice of stone and ice.  Some of the most dangerous ski slopes in the world are on Mount Drachensturm, and a vast network of caves beckons spelunkers to explore.

A gondola carries visitors from the town all the way up to Drachensturm's glacier-covered peak, where a restaurant and observation deck offer an unparalelled view of the Drachensturm mountain range.  Daily guided tours carry visitors across the glacier in massive ice trucks.

Hot Springs

The Dragon's Breath hotsprings are another popular destination for visitors to Drachensturm.  These extravagant baths are built near the base of Mount Drachensturm, and remain pleasantly warm even in the worst weather.  Even in the middle of a blizzard, swimsuit-clad tourists can be found soaking in the naturally-warmed pools.  The same hotsprings power the world's geothermal plant, providing electricity for the entire valley.


Drachensturm's main settlement is the resort town of Schattenville.  Nestled at the bottom of the valley, Schattenville is protected from the world's harsh winds and the cold of higher altitudes.  The town has only a few thousand residents, and caters primarily to tourism, with many hotels, restaurants, and attractions for people to spend their money on.  Schattenville Park provides a perpetually frozen lake for skating, and is home to a huge collection of ice sculptures.  At night, the entire town is light up with strings of electric lights, blazing like a star in the center of the snowy valley.  When the cold starts to seep in, one is never too far from a raging bonfire or a cup of hot chocolate.

Schattenville is run by a mayor, elected by the general population but generally beholden to the business interests that operate resorts and shops in Drachensturm.


The portal to Drachensturm is found in the Wind Canton.  It moves regularly but has yet to disappear entirely and is usually located quickly after a reconfiguration.  The portal appears at the end of a road, taking the form of a tunnel in the side of a wall or part of the City superstructure.  The tunnel turns slightly, and the far end cannot be seen from outside the tunnel, but a constant cold wind blows out of it, sometimes with small drifts of snow.

The tunnel goes for a couple of hundred meters, and though it is perfectly safe for pedestrians (there is a sidewalk complete with guardrail) most people prefer to ride or drive the distance.  At the far end, the tunnel opens from the side of a mountain in the world of Drachensturm, overlooking the valley and Schattenville.  The drive down to the town takes only a few minutes (about a half hour's hike on foot) and snowplows work hard to keep the road traversible in even the worst winter weather.