The Vagabond

Available for public use

The Vagabond is a bar and clubhouse operated by the Cartographer's Society, and open to all members of the public.  Popular with adventurers and off-worlders, the Vagabond serves food and drink from across the Multiverse, capable of meeting the needs of almost any creature.

The Vagabond is the default setting for the Phantagraphia chat room.  Typically, any character not using a specific location tag in the chat can be assumed to be at the Vagabond.


The Vagabond is an elegant stone-brick building, with classical pillars and City ivy climbing over the walls.  A three-foot stone wall surrounds a mosaic-tiled patio out front, allowing an unobstructed view of the street.  The center of the patio is occupied by a beautiful marble fountain running with clear, crisp aqueduct water.

A pair of deceptively light double doors lead inside to a short foyer with a cloakroom and stairs going up and down.  Beyond the foyer a visitor enters the main hall, a spacious meeting area and dining room with a high vaulted ceiling, lit by large windows during the day and a set of large hanging chandeliers at night.  At the far end of the hall, a slightly raised stage area provides a place for guest lecturers and presentations, musical acts, and the occasional play.  The bar is off to one side, very well appointed with drinks from across the Multiverse to satisfy a wide and strange variety of tastes.  There is always a bartender on duty, or visitors may choose to serve themselves.

The hall is equipped with tables and chairs in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, to accommodate all but the most extremely huge or tiny visitors.  A few nice old armchairs and a comfortable sofa are arranged near a large fireplace, providing a place to curl up with a good book or a good companion.  Display cases positioned around the room show off a constantly changing selection of exhibit's from the Cartographers Society's collection, artifacts both ancient and futuristic collected from a thousand different worlds.  Any wall not otherwise occupied by windows or furniture sports a bookcase, offering a wide variety of tomes, textbooks, and novels to be borrowed free of charge.

A second-floor balcony overlooks the main hall, granting the best possible view of the room and stage, and offering a slightly quieter area off the main path.

A fully appointed gourmet kitchen is available behind the bar, where visitors can prepare their own food or count on the Vagabond's excellent chefs to serve them.  The Vagabond's pantry stocks even the most strange and alien of foods, along with the more traditional fresh food and produce common to worlds like Earth.

The Vagabond's main hall is generally considered the default setting for Phantagraphia's chat room.  Anyone is welcome at any time.
The Vagabond is open for any use.  Anyone who wishes to work as a bartender, perform with their band, or give a lecture on their adventures is welcome to assume they have been hired/approved by the Cartographers Society.  Anything requiring the full attention of the players in the room should be scheduled ahead, as any other scheduled chat.
Players who own bartender characters are not obliged to act as bartenders any time someone else wants one.  There are neither special responsibilities nor special privileges for anyone playing a Vagabond staff member.  If a server/bartender/cook character is not available, players should assume the presence of NPC staff.  Characters may also choose to serve themselves at any time.


The Cartographers Society maintains offices and meeting rooms for their leaders off the main hall.  Some of these rooms can be rented for private events, others are used as unofficial store rooms.  A very few are actually used for their intended purpose.


Newcomers to the City often find themselves lost, confused, and without a place to stay.  They also, for some reason, tend to find themselves at the Vagabond.  The Cartographers Society tries to help these newcomers when they can, providing small but comfortable accommodations for a day or two to anyone who needs them.


Beneath the main floor of the Vagabond is a well-appointed wine cellar.  Beneath that is floor after floor of the Cartographers Society Vaults.  Row after row of stored artifacts, from tiny baubles and books to huge otherworldly statues wait to be explored.  The collection is very poorly catalogued and sorted by no system known to humanity, many artifacts still stored in the same crates they were shipped to the City in.  There's no telling what a diligent explorer might find in the Society Vaults, but the curious are warned that some artifacts may be dangerous, and unlikely to be labelled with the appropriate warnings.

At some point the Vaults merge into the undercity, but it can be difficult to tell exactly at what point this happens.  Usually when one starts running into monsters it's time to head back up to the bar.

The Bar on Every Street

The Vagabond has no fixed location.  While this is true for almost every building in the City, it is more true, and more mysterious, for the Vagabond.  The view from the patio changes daily, but without any of the trademark movement or mechanics of a normal reconfiguration.

Furthermore, the Vagabond is filled with doors that lead to places they should not.  Each operates as a sort of local portal, leading to some other part of the City, and often several places simultaneously.  Two people might enter the bar through the same door, only seconds apart, but having come places miles apart.  When someone leaves through one of these doors, they usually emerge somewhere in the City quite close to their final destination.  As a result, coming and going from the Vagabond is remarkably easy, with geographical distance never a factor.  There's always a clearly signed door leading to the Vagabond, wherever in the City you might be.

Attempts to use this strange quality of the Vagabond for regular commuting, on the other hand, tend to fail in amusing ways.  Whatever controls the Vagabond's portals seems to have a sense of humour.

PRD scientists have theorized that the Vagabond is not a part of the City at all, just a building-sized pocket universe.  The Order of the Golden Bough disagrees, saying that the Vagabond is an energy confluence created as an unavoidable side effect of all the other portal activity in the City, the supernatural equivalent of a mathematical remainder.  Honu mystics report only that the building is "Very happy."

The Vagabond's transient nature, while a fun bit of colour, is mostly a justification for anyone being able to reach the Vagabond conveniently, no matter where in the City they might live.  You can always assume your character knows how to get to the bar, or can at least find a way there easily.