LarkethPG((ell I don't get out much so I don't know a lot of people 8/ but im trying to post here more, keep it more alive I might make another alt or three ))
Kuromeru(( It's not as if I knew anybody from around here in person. Different timezones also make chatting difficult. But if you feel like starting an RP thread, you can always message me. ))
LarkethPG(( heh ive been tempted, with a few ideas ))
Kuromeru(( This time, it may be good not to resist temptation. ))
lennypg(I can't post because I'm too busy writing self-insert fanfic)
Kuromeru(That's understandable, and a good reason. But still, while roleplaying here probably doesn't count as fanfic, thete's no rule against self-insert, is it?))
Kuromeru(( There. :( ))
LarkethPG(( heh ))
LarkethPG(( wow ))
The Cool Kits(( Well, yes, the silence is impressive. ))
Kuromeru(( Good wishes for 2017 to everybody still around here! ))
LarkethPG(( still here just very very lurky ))
Charlotte((Chipmunk is back from the dead...again... not as a zombie I promise ))
Charlotte((jebus christ i missed this site so much *HUGS ALL* ))
Charlotte((and I again failed at resetting the tmaeko username and password... -_- so I logged in again as Charlotte. How is everyone? ))
To'prak Maeko**A chipmunk walks into the room. Tried and sleepy, she bee lines for the couches. Dropping down, there's a soft "Hoo-hoo." as a tiny black owl jumps up from the top of her hair. Waiting for the chipmunk to get comfy, drops back down onto to the top of her head. Fluffing his feathers, Ink gets comfy and starts to snooze. To'prak takes out a small black book, and a pencil from the pocket of her old dusty coat. "Right....who's still around..." The chipmunk starts going down the list of names.**
Ariana Culdranth(( what, life, say it isn't so ))
To'prak Maeko(( Hi hi ))
Ariana Culdranth(( hey ))
To'prak Maeko((How's it going? ))
Ariana Culdranth(( so so the end of the day will tell ))
Kuromeru(( stands up to be counted ))
The Cool Kits((good to see you again!))
LarkethPG(( so still a few of us kicking around ))
To'prak Maeko((woop woop! Yaaay! So good to see you all! :) ))
Kuromeru((I'm usually around at bad times due to time zone difference, but if anybody feels up to a bit of RP, just to get this going again, all friendly and casual, I'd be delighted and try my very best.))
LarkethPG(( people being around at the same times is a problem for lots of stuff 8( ))
The Cool Kits(( Yes, definitely. That's why chat roleplaying - despite its appeal of instant gratification - is a lot more difficult to organize than a campaign in the forum. And that isn't even simple, as it seems. ))
Ellian(( Actually, back in The Dream, it probably only worked because the number of players was so large that it was likely to meet someobody in the chat at any given time. ))
LarkethPG(( true enough ))
Katia(( at least its curbed my mad ))
Shush((I am pretty impressed to still activity in here.))
Shush((*Still see.))
Shush((Gosh, even years later my brain will still omit words every now and then.))
Ellian(( It's like a burned-down fire, I guess, when there is still a bit of glowing embers in the pile of ashes. This is not necessarily a bad thing: It's not too late to kindle the spark. Any takers? ))
LarkethPG(( fires not totally out ))
Ellian(( That's the right attitude. Are you ready to let it burn? I am, but there is no point in starting a campain that nobody would join. So, well, the awkward question goes out to everybody here: What are you looking for? What would be of interest for you? A campaign of a specific kind, some special setting? A scheduled chat with a given theme? I would try my best to meet you halfway, but I can't go all the way alone.))
The Cool KitsYip back. ;)
Ellian((So, how are you doing these days? Good to see that you're still here. Does anybody feel like a bit of RP, slowly, and despite time zone differences, or is daily life eating you alive?))
Nappist((It's dead tim.))
Daria Rift-Rider*nuked it from orbit.*
Nappist((Wow add insult to injury.))
Ellian((So sad. I would even bring over Miranda (the otterkin, if anybody remembers) to wake the dead.))
MayfaxAn ordinary-looking man sat behind the bar, mixing a drink.
MayfaxHum de dum
MayfaxThe man's still here, still making drinks for customers. Someone should call the police.
Kuromeru* calls the fire brigade instead *
You're not permitted to post in the chat.