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Phantagraphia Official Launch

Hello Everyone!

Following a long break to re-write code and revamp the site, a whole new Phantagraphia is opening this week.  We will be hosting a grand re-opening on during this Friday evening, February 27, from 6:00 pm to midnight, eastern time.
With a new code base and a fully redesigned setting, Phantagraphia is now better than ever, and ready to be a home to all your forum and chat-based roleplaying across multiple genres and settings.
We have been working hard to craft a new all-original setting from which to base your characters adventures.  A mysterious and unnatural City at the center of the Multiverse, saturated with portals to a million different worlds and universes.  Powerful magic and high technology co-exist in a vast alien cityscape populated by humans, furries, elves, aliens, and an endless variety of other creatures.  Create any character, visit any world, and explore the endless mystery of the City and the infinite Multiverse.
Our new Campaign system makes managing players and forum threads easy and intuitive.  Create your own worlds within the setting of the Multiverse, or standalone settings for original characters and stories.  Invent new games or import your existing campaigns from other forums.
Everyone is welcome at Phantagraphia.  Please join us in creating a new roleplaying community safe and fun for roleplayers of all ages and all stripes.  There is something for everyone at Phantagraphia, and what there isn't, you can help create.
Phantagraphia is open now.  There is no need to wait.  Create a new account, create characters and profiles, and start roleplaying in our new chat and forums.  Those of you who previously had material on the old site, just email us and we can send you copies of any old content from threads or profiles.
This Friday, February 27 is the official re-opening of Phantagraphia.  Bob the Outcast and WhatkinPG will be available in the chat from 6:00 PM Eastern Time to answer all your questions and host an In Character casual RP.  If you're having trouble setting up your player account, you can contact Bob and Erica via e-mail, Google Hangouts, or AIM, and we will be happy to help you out.
Come and chat, invite your friends, and have a good time exploring the all-new Phantagrapia.  We look forward to seeing you there!
WhatkinPG and Bob the Outcast
Phantagraphia Admins

Welcome to the New Site!

Hello all, and welcome to the rebooted Phantagraphia site!

Existing Players

You will need to create a new login, as this is a completely new site. If you would like a copy of your profiles from the old site, please contact Whatkin PG at ericaMZDM (at) ((Yes, yes, I'm working on setting up email on the new server))

The Rules

New and Existing players should familiarize themselves with The Rules, which have been substantially rewritten for clarity.

The Setting

The reboot features a new setting, the core of which is known as The City. From the Lorebook:

The City has many names, borrowed and adapted from the thousands of alien cultures and traditions that have discovered it.  Axiom, New Babel, the Spire, Verge, and Uruk, among many others.  If the City ever had an official name, that is a secret long lost to time.  Whatever else they may call it, all residents also know it simply as "The City".

The City exists in a pocket dimension, perched atop an enormous alien machine in an endless blue sky.  There are more active portals and phantagraphic pathways in the City than anywhere else in the known Multiverse. It is a hub of phantagraphic travel, and home to thousands of beings from thousands of different worlds.

The Campaign System

The new site comes with a toolkit for GMs known collectively as the Campaign System. Under the new system, GMs can:

  • Collect multiple threads into a single campaign
  • Control who can post in their campaigns, and with which characters
  • View, approve, and reject applications to their campaigns
  • View a list of characters in the campaign
  • Add a co-GM to the Campaign
  • Classify the Campaign with Lorebook tags.

Now, go on start some campaigns!